Same day posters & enlargements on site, any size you want as wide as 44"

8"x10" 11"x14" 12"x18"
16"x20" 20"x24" 20"x30"
24"x36" 30"x40" 44"x72"

Did You Ditch Your VHS Player or Older Video Player?

Did You Ditch Your VHS Player or Older Video Player?

Turn those old tapes into modern DVDs

Technology moves so fast that it's hard to keep up sometimes. Update your video collection by bringing it to Newtown Camera. Once we digitize those family tapes and classic movies, you can spend happy hours watching and reminiscing about times gone by.

We transfer all types of video to DVD!
Don't toss out your stack of VHS tapes-turn them into DVDs so you can enjoy watching them again.

  • VHS
  • Beta 8mm
  • Hi-8mm
  • Digital 8mm
  • VHS-c
  • Mini DV

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • China
  • UK
  • and every other country out there!
  • Trust us to scan, print and develop your photos

    Those old family albums are priceless. Don't risk those photos getting destroyed in a flood or fire-bring them to Newtown Camera to get them digitized. In addition to creating digital files of your precious family memories, we can restore old photos, develop color and black and white film and print your digital photos.

    You can also count on us to take same-day passport photos. Go to the Passport Photos page now to learn more about this service, and the other services we offer.

    Discover how we rise above the competition

    Discover how we rise above the competition

    Would you like to print out a poster? Are you searching for the perfect frame for a photo? Do you need to replace your camera battery? If so, swing by Newtown Camera.

    You'll benefit from our:

    • 40+ years of industry experience
    • Extensive photography and printing knowledge
    • Same-day services

    Go to the Reviews page now to see for yourself what satisfied clients have to say about working with us.